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STEAM Education

Critical Knowledge for the Future

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) are critical areas of study for children to be prepared for jobs in the "knowledge economy". However, children from low-income families have many barriers to success in the classroom. The experience of a math teacher in one of our partner schools highlights the issue:

“I teach math to middle-school students. I have spent two summers taking STEAM classes to improve my teaching skills in these areas. However, the reality at my school means at least 85% of my students begin the year with no supplies. How do you teach geometry or algebra readiness to students without a calculator, protractor, compass, graph paper, ruler or mechanical pencil? They cannot fully participate in the classroom, and they have no way to do homework. This is discouraging to the students, and creates an atmosphere of frustration in the classroom.”

The Back-to-School Drive is an investment in our greatest resource, children. They are the future work force in Silicon Valley, and their skills should match the needs of local employers. The gift of a supply-filled backpack assures that disadvantaged children in our community begin school with the necessary supplies to engage in their learning, do their homework and succeed in fulfilling their dreams.