3 boys w backpacks

Back-to-School Virtual Giving Tree

We're glad that you have chosen to use the Virtual Giving Tree (VGT) as a part of Family Giving Tree’s 2017 Back-to-School Drive. For those who work remotely or don’t wish to brave the crowds shopping, VGTs allow your group to make an impact in the community by allowing you to fulfill backpack requests directly from your computer or smart device.

All donations made through your custom VGT link go toward your organization’s final Drive Leader award calculations. The more you share the link and encourage other colleagues or friends to donate, the better  your chance of being recognized as a  2017 Top Drive Leader.

Donations via Family Giving Tree’s VGT are eligible for company matching. To double your impact, check with your HR manager on how to submit a matching gift request.

NOTE: Virtual Giving Trees (VGTs) are only available to registered Drive Leaders. To register to Lead a Drive and thereby have access to a VGT, click here.

How to set-up your Virtual Giving Tree

For a tutorial on how to set-up your page, watch this video 

Click on this link to reach the Virtual Giving Tree.To find your organization’s active VGT, click on the search icon in the upper right and then enter your company name followed by “2017 Back-to-School Drive”

How do I use a Virtual Giving Tree?

VGTs can be used in parallel or in place of your physical drive. Simply share your personalized link with friends, family, and coworkers via internal company communications, email, or social media to start fundraising.