Holiday Wish Drive FAQs


Why do I need to include a toothbrush with my gift?

Most recipients of these gifts do not have access to preventative healthcare. A toothbrush is a small but powerful help for these individuals. If you can't attach one, we will do so at the warehouse.


Why do I need to complete the Warehouse Drop-off Form?

Completing the form helps us number and track all the gifts we receive.  It makes our job in the warehouse much easier and ensures that your groups receives the proper credit for your generous donation.


Where is the Warehouse?
Our 2016 Holiday Wish Drive Warehouse is located at 394 W Caribbean Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 94089.


When are gifts due at the Warehouse?

Gifts should be delivered to Family Giving Tree's Holiday Wish Drive warehouse by Monday, December 12th. Earlier deliveries on December 9th and 10th are welcome. Drive leaders are encouraged to promote an earlier due date to allow for on-time delivery to the warehouse by December 12th. Please count your gifts and complete the drop-off form. Bring this form with you to the warehouse.  For warehouse and drop-off hours see the calendar.

In addition, this year we have two one-day drop-off points:

Dec. 12, 11 :00 - 6:00 pm
Airiba Juntos, 1850 Mission Street

Dec. 13, 11 :00 - 6:00 pm
Cross Streets @ 3 Crosses Church, 20600 John Drive


Does Family Giving Tree pick-up gifts from Drive Leaders?

No. Unfortunately, the Family Giving Tree does not have the resources to pick-up from the hundreds of Drive Leaders who support us.


What do I do with late gifts?

Our partner nonprofit agencies will begin gift pick-up from the Family Giving Tree warehouse on December 14. Although we cannot guarantee that gifts donated after this date will go directly to the child listed on the card, we will ensure all donated gifts go to children on our waiting list. Should you find yourself with late donations, please do drop off those gifts at Family Giving Tree's Holiday Wish Drive warehouse through December 23. Please review the calendar for warehouse hours.


What if I cannot find the requested gift?

We have worked hard to ensure all wishes can be found easily and are both price & age-appropriate. If you find that an exact match of the primary listed wish Is not possible, please look at the secondary or alternative wish listed. If you are unable to find either, choose an alternative gift within the same genre of the original wish (, athletic wear, electronics). If you still find that you are unable to fulfill the wish, please contact us by phone. We appreciate the time you take to fulfill each wish.


What if I lose a wish card?
If you lose a wish card, please attach a piece of paper to your gift, listing as much information as you can recall from the original wish card and we will do our best to match it at the warehouse.


What do I do with leftover wish cards?

Because we accept late gifts in order to fulfill wishes on our waiting list, we encourage Drive Leaders to display the wish cards for as long as possible. However, when our Holiday Wish Drive has finished, leftover cards may be returned to the Family Giving Tree Holiday Wish Drive warehouse or our office in Milpitas. Please return leftover cards in an envelope labeled with your groups name.


I ran out of cards.  How do I get more?

Congratulations (and thank you!) on exceeding your our expectations! Please contact our office and we will gladly mail out more cards ASAP. Every gift is another wish granted, more joy delivered to someone who needs it most during the holidays. You may also email us at or call us at 408.946.3111 x226 to request additional wish cards.


Where do I find your holiday warehouse address?

Check out the warehouse information on our website.