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Wonderful Acts of Kindness

I believe in the power of kindness. Kindness is a gift which can change someone’s day, or in my case, the direction of my life. 

25 years ago, my college classmate, and now Co-Founder of Family Giving Tree, Todd Yoshida, demonstrated kindness in his encouragement and support of my idea for the Family Giving Tree, when many others thought it wouldn’t work. Todd’s support gave me the strength and confidence I needed to commit to fulfilling 300 gift wishes for children in East Palo Alto.

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The Power of a Pencil

A student who goes to school without paper or a pencil is certainly unprepared for learning and too often, students living in-need arrive at school feeling embarrassed, having to ask to borrow these most basic school supplies.

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What Began as a Class Project

Twenty-five years ago, a semester away from receiving my MBA, I suggested to my class that we create a program to help 300 needy kids in East Palo Alto. While my initial idea was shot-down, after class, fellow classmate Todd Yoshida, said to me, “Jenn, I thought you had a good idea,” and the Family Giving Tree was born.

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