Our Board

The Family Giving Tree is extremely grateful to have an outstanding and active Board of Directors.

A dedicated group of volunteers, the Board is charged with guiding the Family Giving Tree in pursuit of its goals. Our Board members regularly commit their time, energy and funds to our overall cause and mission, exhibiting an extreme commitment and level of dedication.


Mona Taylor, Board Chair (2017)

Mona Taylor has more than 20 years of experience in human resources with mid-sized companies and Fortune 500 industry leaders. Mona is currently the Senior Vice President Global HR at NeoPhotonics. Mona volunteers as an instructor for local Children and Youth Ministry programs as well as for the Wounded Warrior Recruitment Workshop program in San Diego, California, which provides assistance to Marines transitioning from military life into the civilian workforce. She has been a member of the FGT board since 2017. Ms. Taylor holds a BS in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco.

Dominic Mills, Finance Committee Chair (2019)

Dominic is a California Certified Public Accountant and UK Chartered Accountant with over seven years of experience in public accounting. Dominic began his career in the financial services industry in his native UK, where he earned his bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finance at the University of Leeds. Dominic manages the execution of financial statement and internal control audits for public and private companies, and not-for-profit organizations in and around Silicon Valley. Dominic’s passion for charitable giving stems from an experience he had as a child putting together Christmas packages for children caught up in the conflict in Bosnia. In his spare time, Dominic enjoys cycling and running. He spends his weekends exploring the bay alongside his wife and young son. 

Taya Zhou, Audit Committee Chair (2019)

Taya Zhou has more than 20 years of experience in finance management in both large and small companies, Fortune 500 public corporations, and Pre-IPO organizations. Taya is currently the Worldwide Revenue Controller at Western Digital Corporation. She holds an MBA in Corporate finance from Boston College. In her spare time, Taya enjoys reading and gardening.

Andrea Borch, Governance Committee Chair (2019)

Helping out with the 2007 Holiday Wish Drive showed Andrea and her family the important role Family Giving Tree plays in local communities. The Borch family has been part of the effort ever since, with Andrea volunteering as a Drive Leader for the backpack and holiday drives. Andrea also serves on the Board of Managers for the Southwest YMCA and the Board of Directors for Humane Society Silicon Valley. Other interests include reading, walking the family’s two dogs, and traveling. Andrea has a BS and MS in journalism from Northwestern University.

Karen Lenoski (2020)

Karen is a life-long volunteer supporting educational initiatives for children and youth.  A mother of three successful, grown children she has worked tirelessly to raise money for her children’s schools and The Family Giving Tree (FGT).  Utilizing skill sets gained as a travel agent, Karen has leveraged her people skills and logistical background to successfully manage the backstock area and warehouse store of FGTs Holiday Wish Drive. As part of this large task she manages teams of Angel Elves, trains volunteer groups for shift work, and when able, manages special events for the FGT Back to School Drive. Karen’s continuing desire to serve and make a difference in the lives of children in our communities will be put to good use as she joins our board. When not giving of her time and talent, Karen loves to travel, take photos, and scuba dive.  

Jane Hext (2020)

Jane has more than 20 years of experience in consulting and software organizations. She is currently a Customer Insights Manager at Adobe. Before relocating to San Jose, Jane volunteered for several organizations in Ottawa, Canada, including Sisters Technology Mentoring, which develops and delivers technology programs to empower women in need to live better lives and create brighter futures. She had also volunteered for over 12 years with Ottawa South United Soccer Association. She has been a member of the FGT board since April 2020. Jane holds a B.Sc. in Computing and Information Science from the University of Guelph, an MBA from the University of Ottawa, and an MS in Data Science from Northwestern University.

Sachi Patel (2020)

Sachi has over 11 years of professional experience working in public accounting as a Director with PricewaterhouseCoopers, primarily with large, multi-location, public companies and pre-IPO companies in the technology sector. She is licensed as a California Certified Public Accountant. She has served as a director of the Family Giving Tree's Board of Directors since April 2020 and is passionate about giving back and helping children in under-served communities. 

Shelene Huey-Booker (2020)

Shelene has been an angel elf with the Family Giving Tree for over 12 years; needless to say, FGT has a very special place in her heart. She is the Children's Ministry Director of WestGate Church South Hills Campus, CEO of YUPP organization, New Mission Community Development Corporation, a music teacher and community activist. Her greatest joy is helping the underserved to find hope and to continue pursuing dreams. Her precious 9-year-old princess and beloved husband have been right alongside her serving at FGT.  She has a B.A. in music from Santa Clara University and a Masters in Management (Public Administration) from the University of Phoenix.