Giving All Students A Chance

2017 BTS Stories HeaderSupporting students who would otherwise go without basic school supplies is what powers the Back-to-School Drive every year. While volunteers and donors are busy collecting, sorting, and distributing backpacks all around the Bay Area, there are wonderful things happening that they don't get to see. Here are a few recipient stories that we hope will show why this Drive is vital in our low-income communities and schools.

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The Needs Of Children

This year being part of the Back-to-School-Drive, organized by NetApp, was very special to me. Not only was it the first time that we left our home during Covid-19 to do something for the community, I was also able to

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Rising From The Ashes

It will be a long time before our community can finish rebuilding from the fires, but the bond the fires forged are the strongest I have even seen. The people rallied around each other and the wealth of acts of kindness have brought us to tears. It’s a beautiful thing to

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Homeschooling Challenge

We really appreciate receiving the backpacks this year. Many families are so grateful to have the resources since school isn't supplying them. Parents have told me homeschooling is a big challenge and they must choose between work and staying home to teach their kids.

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Joy And Happy Faces

For the past 4 years, the Women in Lam Leadership employee group at Lam Research has had the good fortune of supplying backpacks to FGT for our community. Each year I am thrilled that we can help out our community. How special is it to start your school year with

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In That Moment

Partnering with Family Giving Tree has to be my favorite project. I am a hands-on gal at heart, and I love the whole experience, from planning to pick-up. I also get to reap the reward of seeing the families and student’s pick-up backpacks. They are

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