Giving All Students A Chance

For the past 4 years, the Women in Lam Leadership employee group at Lam Research has had the good fortune of supplying backpacks to FGT for our community. Each year I am thrilled that we can help out our community. How special is it to start your school year with a new backpack full of all the necessary supplies? I always imagine the joy this must bring to the students.

This year we completed the backpacks, taking social distancing into consideration, and it was great to see groups of families and coworkers working together to provide these essential backpacks. I got together with a couple of my colleagues and their children, with separate tables set up for each family to construct the backpacks in front of my house while wearing our face masks and PPE. The kids had a great time helping fill the backpacks, and neighbors who happened to walk by were curious and happy to see what we were doing. We had a great afternoon helping support this backpack event.


FGT, specifically the Backpack Program, has always been near and dear to my heart. In past years, the event has always given us an opportunity to come together, no matter how busy we may be at work, and work as a group for a good cause. This year in particular, despite the challenges of doing the event remotely (logistics and coordination) – it provided an opportunity to share with our families and virtually join our friends at work. In the midst of all the unknown and chaos the pandemic has caused, it gave us a reason to get out of ourselves and give to others. The fact that these backpacks go to kids in our community makes it very special – picturing their happy faces, getting them ready for a new school year – what a joy!