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Back-to-School Drive Resources

Here are the most commonly requested documents in addition to at-your-fingertip resources and tools for our Drive Leaders. They have been organized into categories for easier navigation. Note: some items can be found in more than one category.

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BTS Sample EmailSample Email

FGT bts drive ldr packet 2019 v10F Page 1

Drive Leader Instructions



2019 BTS VGT image

VGT Set-up Video

2019 BTS DL To Do ListTo Do List

Helpful Tipes for Your BTS DriveHelpful Tips For Launching A Drive

2019 Backpack Contents

Backpack Supply Lists

journey of a backpackJourney of a Backpack

TaskRabbit 300x179

Task Rabbit Services

In kind Receipt QR Code small


In-kind Donation Receipt QR Code

FGT bts drive ldr packet 2019 Guidelines

Backpack Guidelines

FGT bts drive ldr packet 2019 Calendar

Warehouse Calendar

BTS Drop Off Form

 Drop-off Form

FGT BTS therm poster 8.5x11 2019

8.5" x 11" Drive Thermometer Poster

Monetary donations sign

            Monetary Donations Sign

BTS Donation Tracker

Monetary Donation Tracker

BTS donation card

Donation Tag

K 1 Tag

           Grades K-1 Backpack Tags

2 5 Tag

           Grades 2-5 Backpack Tag

6 8 Tag

            Grades 6-8 BackpackTags

9 12 tag

            Grades 9-12 Backpack Tag

VGT Ask 1 small

VGT Promotion Graphic

Sample Message Reminder Email

Sample Email Reminder Message

FGT bts poster 8.5x11

8.5 "x11" Poster (fillable)

FGT BTS tent card 6.5x11

Tent Card (fillable)