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FGT bts drive ldr packet 2019 v10F Page 1

Drive Leader Instructions



2019 BTS VGT image

VGT Set-up Video

2019 BTS DL To Do ListTo Do List

Helpful Tipes for Your BTS DriveHelpful Tips For Launching A Drive

BTS Sample EmailSample Email

2019 Backpack Contents

Backpack Supply Lists

journey of a backpackJourney of a Backpack

FGT bts drive ldr packet 2019 Guidelines

Backpack Guidelines

FGT bts drive ldr packet 2019 Calendar

Warehouse Calendar

BTS Drop Off Form

 Drop-off Form

FGT BTS therm poster 8.5x11 2019

8.5" x 11" Drive Thermometer Poster

Monetary donations sign

            Monetary Donations Sign

BTS Donation Tracker

Monetary Donation Tracker

BTS donation card

Donation Tag

K 1 Tag

           Grades K-1 Backpack Tags

2 5 Tag

           Grades 2-5 Backpack Tag

6 8 Tag

            Grades 6-8 BackpackTags

9 12 tag

            Grades 9-12 Backpack Tag

FGT bts poster 8.5x11

8.5 "x11" Poster (fillable)

FGT BTS tent card 6.5x11

Tent Card (fillable)

VGT Promotion CardsVGT Promotion Card

Lobby Slide

Customizable PPT Lobby Slide

Students 002 small

Image 2

Students 003 small

Image 3