The FGT Pi Face Challenge

Enjoy some pie and help us take a bite out of underfunded education. Pi image large

The need for STEAM-based education has never been greater, while at the same time, access to this level of learning can be severely limited for students from impoverished families who do not have the school supplies they need to complete their work and succeed. The purpose of the FGT Pi Face Challenge is to educate the general public about this disparity while challenging them to do something about it.  

We hope you will spread the message and FGT Pi Face Challenge to your social network by posting a brief video of yourself getting “pied” (whipped cream in a pie tin is perfect) and sharing it out.

Here are a few sample posts to get you started...


Have your pi(e) and eat it too. Pie yourself or donate...or do both! Tag friends and family to help raise awareness for STEAM education in underserved Bay Area schools. Nearly 400,000 local kids qualify for free and reduced-price meals through the National School Lunch Program, our program qualifier. A backpack filled with school supplies that support STEAM learning alleviates a significant financial burden on these in-need families.  #FGTPiFaceChallenge #ILovePi


I challenge @___ to join me in raising awareness to support STEAM education for low-income students. Post a video of you getting pied in the face, or donate to @FGTTweets or do both! Then nominate someone else. #FGTPiFaceChallenge #ILovePi

Pie yourself & post, donate to FGT, or do both! Help FGT raise awareness for & support underprivileged students in their STEAM education! #FGTPiFaceChallenge #ILovePi