Kids Pay It Forward


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A new, year-round program to give kids the opportunity to help other kids.

Each year, over 350,000 Bay Area students qualify for Family Giving Tree's Back-to-School Program. Qualification is based on the National Free and Reduced-Price Meal Program, which means that these students are unlikely to receive enough food every day. So while this excellent program supports their nutritional needs, FGT is committed to reinforcing their educational needs through donated backpacks and school supplies. 

Since 1996, the Back-to-School Drive has been helping students from low-income families by providing grade-appropriate school supplies. With community generosity, these students can feel a sense of relief, knowing they have the tools they need to pursue their education. And their parents don't have to worry about finding the extra money to pay for school supplies when paying rent and buying groceries is already a burden for some.

So, how can the kids you know get involved?

Run a school supply Drive! Anytime during the year, kids can collect school supplies either in person or through an online fundraising portal. They can set goals and select the time period during which they want to give it all they've got to help other students in their community. Check out the program information below: one for you (they'll need your assistance for some steps) and another for the kids you know. We hope they encourage you both to register and play a role in changing the world for the better.

Thank you for spreading a little sunshine through school supplies. 

Questions? Email [email protected].


Program Information for Adults                       Program Information for Kids


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