Holiday Wish Drive Stories

2017 HWD Stories

The Holidays are a busy time of year, and they're especially busy here at Family Giving Tree.  While we're busy accepting, sorting and distributing gifts at the warehouse, we're sure there are others involved in the process of granting wishes who have had a wonderful experience doing so,  Some instance–some touchpoint–that has made the part they have played take on real meaning.

These are just a few of their stories. We hope they bring the joy of our Mission to life for you and give you insight into why we do what we do. Granting wishes for Joy is a special privilege. 

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Volunteers Galore

Family Giving Tree posted on social media that they were accepting more volunteers. People responded in droves!

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A Real Stand Out

I attended a gift distribution - it was a great event with hundreds of kids, but one little girl stuck out to me. She was this tiny, little kid in about 3rd grade, sitting patiently at a lunch table.

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Chick-fil-A Guests Step-up

Our Chick-fil-A at First Street (San Jose) Team is enjoying participating in this year’s Holiday Wish Drive! We wanted to share a few highlights of our experiences so far:

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Wells Fargo Branch Has That Giving Spirit

Today I brought in my Holiday gift to the Wells Fargo Bank branch in Sunnyvale where I had selected the gift tag. Both times I was in the bank, the bank staff were really enthused and excited to be part of the drive.

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The Best Thing - Working At The Warehouse

Anne has been volunteering to work in the FGT Holiday Wish Drive warehouse for years, first with friends from work and later as a Drive Leader with her two small children. Each year her children look forward to dressing in their warmest clothes to work for two hours in the warehouse. They especially like seeing what gifts are laid out in neat rows on the warehouse floor. As they inventory the gifts they are very careful to make sure each child receives the exact gift wished for.

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