Holiday Wish Drive Stories

2017 HWD Stories

The Holidays are a busy time of year, and they're especially busy here at Family Giving Tree.  While we're busy accepting, sorting and distributing gifts we're sure that there are wonderful things going on with others involved in the process.  These are their stories. We hope they bring the joy of giving to life for you as they did for us.


A Volunteer Story

Anne has been volunteering to work in the FGT Holiday Wish Drive warehouse for years, first with friends from work and later as a Drive Leader with her two small children. Each year her children look forward to dressing in their warmest clothes to work for two hours in the warehouse. They especially like seeing what gifts are laid out in neat rows on the warehouse floor. As they inventory the gifts they are very careful to make sure each child receives the exact gift wished for.

But secretly, Anne’s children hope there are empty spaces in the rows on the concrete floor which means that some of the wishes haven’t been fulfilled yet and gives her children a chance to go shopping in the FGT warehouse store.  There they get to select the exact gift wished for from the thousands of donated toys and gifts. This is her children’s favorite part of the day.

The FGT warehouse store has shelves, tables and bins filled with toys, all organized just like a toy store to make it easy for her children to become personal shoppers for the children receiving the gifts. Armed with the inventory sheet and wish tags they take a red wagon, two huge blue bags, and head to the store to do their shopping. It is fun searching for the exact toy on the wish cards. Once they find all the missing toys from their inventory sheet they head back to tag the toys and fill the gaps in the row on the floor. Perfect!

Last year Anne’s husband volunteered for the HWD. For several years he hadn’t been able to accompany them the warehouse. But he heard his children’s stories and the excitement in their voices describing the warehouse filled with toys and wanted to share in his family’s experience. For two hours Anne and her family enjoyed working as a team checking inventory, shopping, and tagging wishes and together they fulfilled 100 children’s wishes for the holidays.