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What Is A Drive Leader?
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A Drive Leader is an invaluable volunteer who collects gifts on Family Giving Tree’s behalf. Anyone who is part of a group—a business, school, family, social club, or friends—and wants to help their community can lead a Holiday Wish Drive. All Drive Leaders receive FGT support and all the tools needed to make their Drive a success.

Role of a Drive Leader

As a Drive Leader, you will…

  • Register your group for each Drive and choose to run a physical or online Drive or both.
  • Encourage donations and participation within your group through “wish cards” or a customizable Virtual Giving Tree (VGT), or both.
  • Collect and deliver the donated gifts to Family Giving Tree or, if you are using the VGT, promote your VGT to raise funds to provide gifts. Or do both
  • Receive priority access to highly sought-after volunteer shifts in our holiday warehouse.
  • Have a direct impact on your own community.

2021 Is the Best Year to sign up as a Drive Leader!

Why! Because you can help us distribute a gift to our 2-millionth recipient! 2,000,000! That’s a lot of joy and we wouldn’t be anywhere close to that number without our Drive Leaders! Won’t you help empower, uplift, and unite the community this Holiday season?

Have questions? Reach out and learn more about this uplifting way to serve your community today.

Learn more about how the Holiday Wish Drive or the Virtual Giving Tree works and the vital role of a Drive Leader in both processes. 


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