blog 3aI believe in the power of kindness. Kindness is a gift which can change someone’s day, or in my case, the direction of my life.

25 years ago, my college classmate, and now Co-Founder of Family Giving Tree, Todd Yoshida, demonstrated kindness in his encouragement and support of my idea for the Family Giving Tree, when many others thought it wouldn’t work. Todd’s support gave me the strength and confidence I needed to commit to fulfilling 300 gift wishes for children in East Palo Alto.

During my 25 years at The Family Giving Tree, I have witnessed tens of thousands of volunteers donate their time sorting, wrapping and preparing gifts in our warehouse. I have seen kindness in the form of donations from Drive Leaders who advocate on our behalf by encouraging friends, family and coworkers to participate in our Drives… kindness of Sponsors, who allow us to continue our mission and fulfill our goals year after year… and kindness from our recipients who, more often than one would imagine, request gifts for others more in need than themselves.

I know, whole-heartedly, that kindness is what has allowed the Family Giving Tree to grow into the thriving organization it is today, and it has allowed me to fulfill my dream of helping more than 1 million children. Kindness is a really, really, really good thing.

As we approach Family Giving Tree's 25th annual Holiday Wish Drive, I know your kindness will, yet again, allow Family Giving Tree to reach our goal of delivering 75,000 holiday gifts to those most underserved in the Bay Area.  Together, our acts of kidness, will bring incredible joy to many during the holidays.  What a wonderful thing we will share together!