FGTWash251It's a bit hard to believe that this past summer one of the two U.S. Presidential candidates -- in this case, Hillary Clinton -- had a week or so of press coverage that focused on her message of 'Love & Kindness'. A number of major media outlets trumpeted that theme, particularly as the Democratic party attempted to paint a contrast with the recently concluded Republican convention.

But this blog is not a political commentary. Instead, as the leader of an organization where 'kindness' truly is core to our DNA, I'm writing today as an (ahem) 'kindness expert' on the seeming lack of that quality in politics ... and beyond.

There can be no doubt that kindness was sorely lacking from both parties in this election. If you saw any of the three televised debates, you know. And even during gatherings like the recent Al Smith fundraising event, where by tradition both candidates speak in a 'roast' format, the humor was at times so mean-spirited as to draw boos from the well-heeled attendees.

Perhaps generating kindness within a political campaign is simply a bridge too far. (Certainly the idea that this 2016 presidential could have been -- well -- 'nicer' seems impossible.) So instead, I'd like to suggest three small ways each of us can generate a bit more kindness in the world. Who knows? As Arlo Guthrie sang in 'Alice's Restaurant, maybe enough people doing the same thing will generate a true 'movement.'

Tune in tomorrow...

Who will you inspire?