Holding handsTo kick off this "wild" idea, I'll start with something pretty basic - something we've all been encouraged to do since we were kids.  

Small acts of charity: If you're reading this blog, odds are you already have a relationship with the Family Giving Tree. If so, you're already practicing small acts of kindness (when you donate a holiday gift; or a backpack full of school supplies; or cash; or volunteer). And you may be practicing bigger acts of kindness as a drive leader, sponsor, Angel Elf and more! The good news? You already have the formula down.

Now, look for other opportunities to spread kindness. How about when driving (a universe of opportunity!). Simply letting the other car go first is so easy...and it's the best problem ever when 2 NICE people meet at an intersection. And here's two classics -- pay the bridge toll for a car behind you, or add change to a parking meter that's about to expire.

Try kindness at the grocery store! I try to smile at everyone I see, and have noticed that once I express myself as a friendly, helpful person, often another shopper will ask me to pull something from the top shelf or read the small print on a package for them.

There are opportunities every day to make the world a little better, improve how someone's day is going or just give others a reason to hope. You don't need to know people in order to impact them with good and for good.

Tomorrow, I'll suggest ways to go beyond your own acts of kindness and get others in the mix.

Who will you inspire?