girls loading truckYou don't have to Join the Peace Corps to be a volunteer. But you can impact the world for good right in your own back yard. There are thousands of opportunities, of which Family Giving Tree is just one.

Ask a Friend to Volunteer: At the Family Giving Tree, first-time volunteers frequently tell us they 'always meant to' get involved, but were reluctant to take that first step by themselves. Never underestimate how often indivudals are shy; or fear some kind of rejection; or don't think they have the skills needed to make an impact. It's one of the BIG reasons the Family Giving Tree takes groups of up to 50 volunteers (quite unusual for a nonprofit). There's comfort in numbers - and many of our best individual, dedicated volunteers start with us as part of a bigger team. A two hour shift in the FGT warehouse can -- and often does -- lead to a bigger volunteer commitment, at the Family Giving Tree or elsewhere.

There are organizations out there that need your help, so be brave and dive in - and bring someone else along.

Tomorrow I'll talk about how to make the most of your volunteer experience - by sharing it.

Who will you inspire?