BTS luncheon TechCU 2

If you find something you like or love, or have had a great experience, don't you just want to share it with others? Don't you just want to spread the good word? The joy? Which leads to the third and final part of my blog.

Don't Be Shy - Share! I understand why many nonprofit volunteers are reluctant to publicly display their charitable good deeds -- they don't want to be seen as 'grandstanding' or calling attention to themselves. I get it -- but it's absolutely critical that, in this age of social media, volunteers share their affiliations and activities whenever possible. Those sitting on the sidelines need positive role models who make time in their lives for good deeds. One of my favorite descriptions of successful public relations is 'Getting caught doing the right thing." More volunteers need to be 'caught' in the giving and volunteering act on Facebook, Instagram and more. It's a great way for one of your connections to feel safe commenting, asking a question... and maybe even catching a spark of their own.

Now that the election is over, and hopefully the "unkindness"  has ceased, I have to say I'm sure glad it's behind us.  And call me naive, but I do think next time we can conduct an election with more kindness and humanity. Even a small dose would help! But even if we can't impact the election code of conduct, or candidate behavior, we can impact the electorate - the population that lives next door, down the street or a few blocks away. Kindness does matter.

Who Will You Inspire?