Virtual Giving Tree


What is a Virtual Giving Tree?

A Virtual Giving Tree is a custom, bnrranded site where your coproaration or organization can give online.  Your donations via the Virtual Giving Trees allow Family Giving Tree to bulk purchase gifts/backpacks and deliver hope and joy to more children and individuals.

Why Would I Want a Virtual Giving Tree?

Donations made via the Virtual Giving Tree allow you to fulfill multiple wishes/backpacks with a single checkout from the convenience of your computer or smart device. For those that don’t wish to brave the crowds of shoppers or for those who work remotely, Virtual Giving Trees allow you to participate in Family Giving Tree drives and still make an impact in the community.

Plus, it's a great tool to add to your annual giving tradition. Set a target and beat it.  Have your senior executives lead groups and compete internally.  Or, make virtual giving part of your next sales or all-hands meeting.

All donations made to your custom Virtual Giving Tree link go toward your group’s final award calculations as a Drive Leader. The more you share the link and encourage others to donate, the better chance you have of being awarded a top Drive Leader Award at the Celebration event!

How Do I Use a Virtual Giving Tree?

Virtual Giving Trees may be used in parallel or in place of your physical drive. Simply share your personalized link with friends, family, and coworkers to start fundraising. The link can be shared on your internal company communications to engage both local and remote employees. Consider sharing the link on social media with an encouraging and inspirational call to action or add the link to your Virtual Giving Tree to your email signature as a way to promote your drive.

To register as a Virtual Giving Tree drive leader, complete Drive Leader Registration.

Find Your Virtual Giving Tree 

If you have set up a VGT or know that your group or organization has one, you can find it by simply using the following link: Find My Virtual Giving Tree.  Just search for your organization by clicking the search icon in the upper right-hand corner and entering your organization name in the space provied. If you cannot find your page, please contact your Drive Leader for the specific link.