Warehouse And Drop-off Information


We have been closely monitoring local health and safety guidelines and have put together proper protocols to manage through our Back-to-School Drive processes while minimizing health risks as we work to provide for our Bay Area students in need. As such, we have made adjustments to our drop-off process. If you plan to drop off any physical donations, please read the below information and plan to adhere to our operational procedures for dropping off donations.

Drop-offs will be by appointment only on Tuesday, August 4th, and Friday, August 7th. Please sign up for an appointment slot here. Our South Bay warehouse address is 1311 Orleans Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089.

If you are not able to commit to one of the available slots within the drop-off window, please email driveleaders@fgt.org and let us know.



Please count the total number of supply-filled backpacks and/or empty backpacks and email the totals to driveleaders@fgt.org before attending your drop-off appointment. If you do not take this step, we will not be able to properly track your donations (this is VERY important to us!)

If you will be dropping off extra/loose supplies, be sure to place them in a sealed bag or box with your organization name clearly labeled on the outside of the bag or box. If you are able to count these ahead of time and send the total along with the backpack totals, that would be excellent. Otherwise, we will go ahead and count these supplies after they have been transported into our main warehouse.


You must wear a mask when interacting with FGT staff/volunteers when you drop-off. Please make every available effort to maintain a minimum 6-ft. distance from others not in your party, including our FGT staff/volunteers (they will do the same). Note that FGT staff/volunteers will operate with masks and gloves to ensure your safety.

We will have 2 options for drop-off:

  1. Contactless Self-Unloading

• When you arrive, pull into the area marked for self-unloading and unload the donations into the large Speedpaks (large wheeled cardboard boxes).
• Place any leftover Drive materials (extra tags, etc.) that you do not want to keep into the marked bin.
• Place any monetary donations into the slotted monetary donation lockbox. Be sure your organization’s name is on the outside of the envelopes before you drop them in the box.
• Place your completed drop-off form into the marked bin. This will help us confirm that you have dropped off.

  1. Contactless Full Service Unloading

Before Your Arrival:

• Before you arrive, be sure that all donations are loaded into the trunk or back of your vehicle and that there are no personal items in those areas. 
• Place any leftover Drive materials (extra tags, etc.) in an envelope or bag along with the donated backpacks and/or supplies. 
• Do not place monetary donations in with the leftover Drive Materials. Please have those in a separate marked envelope or bag clearly marked with your organization’s name and placed in the back with your donations (ideally at the very front so that we may secure it right as we open your vehicle).

**If you need to utilize the backseat or passenger seat of your car to transport the donations, please note that you will need to either pull into the self-unloading area to unload your own vehicle (see option 1 above) or step out of your vehicle and wait in the designated waiting area while our staff and volunteers unload your vehicle.**

At Arrival:

• When you arrive, pull into the area for full-service unloading. Put your mask on and roll down your window.
• An FGT staff/volunteer member will approach to confirm your organization's name, appointment time, and where your donations are in your vehicle. • • • Once confirmed, FGT will proceed to unload your vehicle or direct you to the waiting area before unloading your vehicle.
• Once complete, FGT staff/volunteers will give you the signal that you are good to go and you may proceed to return to your car and pull out of the drop-off lot.

Thank you for helping us maintain safe and efficient operations during drop-offs and thank you so much for your support for Bay Area students in need.