After years of providing backpacks filled with school supplies and getting feedback from teachers, the list changes over time. Here's what we'll be providing to at-promise students this year.

2024 Back-to-School Drive Supply List

Colored Pencils - 24-pack with 24 different colors (sharpened pencils).

Construction paper - 48-pack min. Multiple color pack - 9” x 12” sheets.

Crayons - 24-pack with 24 different colors (washable ok but not required).

Dental Floss - travel size or larger - waxed - string floss only (no picks) - mint or original.

Earbuds - wired with mic (sturdy with sound isolation - tangle-free or retractable preferred.

Erasers - block/wedge eraser - pink or white preferred - approx 2 3/8 in x 1 in x 3/8 in. NO pencil top erasers.

Flashcards - standard size with box or container for storage

Headphones - noise reduction - are over the ear, with a cord. Padded ear covering, 3.5 mm jack. Designed to last the entire school year. Adjustable, covers the entire ear. Can be purchased in bulk for $8 -12/each. Colors are fine.

Pencils - pack of  12 (sharpened) - #2 pencils.

Pencil Pouch - soft - large enough to hold (place these items in pouch: toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, erasers, glue sticks highlighters (6-12) & pencil sharpener.

Pencil Sharpener - dual hole - with a barrel to catch shavings. No electric.

Pens - ball point - black or blue only (capped or retractable are fine) - 10 pens.

Pocket Folders - different colors (paper or plastic are fine) no metal brads.

Pocket Tissue - travel size - no boxes.

Ruler - 12” rule - plastic preferred, wooden accepted (includes both standard and metric) - flexible ok.

Spiral Bound College Rule Notebook (with cover) - 70 + pages - single subject - Min Size 10 ½ x 7 ½ size sheets (same for Wide Rule notebook & quad rule).

Toothbrush - Adult or Youth size, depending on a backpack. Designed for 6 months of use (no disposable or travel toothbrush) - cover or cap a plus. Single packaged.

Toothpaste - travel size (.85 oz to 1.5 oz) - no brightening or whitening toothpaste. Sensitive teeth is fine.

Washable Markers—8 different colors (no more than 12 packs). Broad-tipped markers are preferred, but thin tips are okay for grades 3-5. Washable ONLY.

Water Bottle - 18 oz metal or plastic (BPA-free) bottle. With brand or logos is ok.

Whiteboard with Marker & Eraser - sturdy enough for full school year 9 x 12 - includes a black dry-erase pen with an eraser (eraser may be attached to the pen or separate) attached preferred. Lines on one side are okay, if only one-sided - no lines.

Here's a printable version of this list to take with you while shopping.