Agencies Served

Partnering With Community Service Agencies 

The agencies throughout the Bay Area that are served by Family Giving Tree are both large and small, familiar and unknown.  But regardless of size or status, the sheer number in existence today indicates the very real need that exists in this wealthy area of the country.  Don't let the nice weather and gorgeous vistas fool you – beauty is only skin deep.  Just dig a little deeper and pockets, neighborhoods, even entire communities in need will come to light.  

We are honored to serve the agencies we do and are impressed by the dedication, insight and manner in which they serve even the smallest subset of society. Pregnant teens. Foster kids. The homeless. Families. The list goes on...

Community Agencies

We work with social service agencies and others that are a 501(c)3 organizations and have what we call a "verified need" – they serve those who without their services would go without basic necessities or services.  These agencies are interviewed and vetted by staff and experienced volunteers.

Qualifying Schools

Qualifying schools meet minimum percentage requirements with regard to the number of students receiving free or reduced meals as part of the National School Lunch Program (NSLP).  When a school signs on to be a recipient they understand that it is their responsibility to identify those most in need and distribute what Family Giving Tree provides.