Get Involved

Are you ready to?

Every year the Family Giving Tree serves more than 120,000 Bay Area children and individuals. 

But we don't do it on our own. The Family Giving Tree organizes the giving spirit in others who want to share in our mission and are ready to make a difference.

FGT depends on the generous contributions made by our Donors and Partners to make a difference in Bay Area communities. Combine their efforts with the work of some 1,500 Drive Leaders and 8,500 Volunteers, and FGT helps over 500 Bay Area agencies and schools.

"When you do nothing you feel overwhelmed and powerless. But when you get involved you feel the sense of hope and accomplishment that comes from knowing you are working to make things better."Get Involved header
Maya Angelou

Here are all the ways the Family Giving Tree welcomes - and needs - your involvement.  Click one to get started!


Your generous donation will be used to equip students with the essential school supplies they need to succeed in the classroom, and help us fulfill specific gift wishes during the holidays so those most in need get the message “You matter.”

Lead a Drive

If you are part of an organization—a business, school, family, or social club—and your group wants to make a big difference in our community, you can organize them and conduct your own donation initiative as part of our Holiday Wish Drive or Back-to-School Drive. 

Become a Partner

Our Partners play a key role in our efforts by providing needed funds that allow us to bulk-purchase backpacks and gifts at a deep discount, stretching those contributions and increasing our impact even further.


If you would like to volunteer during the Family Giving Tree’s Back-to-School and/or Holiday Wish Drives, we invite you to come on out and help. We’re looking for people who are responsible, reliable, fun to work with, and want to make a difference. We even have year-round opportunities. Join us as a valued volunteer!