Lead a Drive


Make a Difference!

Leading a Drive is rewarding and fun.

A Drive Leader is Family Giving Tree’s main contact and the key to each Drive’s success. 

Through your drive you can collect backpacks filled with school supplies, host a Virtual Giving Tree (VGT) and allow folks to shop for a backpack online or do a combination of both! But either way, you'll be helping students receive the essential school supplies they need to get their school work done.

Who can be a Drive Leader?  

Anyone who is part of a group—a business, school, family, social club, or friends—and wants to help children-in-need in the community can lead a Drive. We work with Drive Leaders every step of the way and provide all the tools needed to make each Drive a success.

Role of a Drive Leader

As a Drive Leader, you will…

  • Register your group for each Drive
  • Facilitate donations and participation within your group by posting backpack tags in a well-traveled area or distributing them to friends and colleagues or hosting a customizable Virtual Giving Tree (VGT), or both.
  • Collect and deliver the donated backpacks to Family Giving Tree’s warehouse or, if you are using the VGT, promote your VGT to fund to supply-filled backpacks. Or do both
  • Receive priority when signing up for Family Giving Tree's in-demand warehouse volunteer shifts.
  • Have a direct impact on your own community.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Drive Leader please contact [email protected]