The Difference Between Sex and Gender

It is not appropriate to say a transgender or genderqueer person is "biologically male" or "biologically female." Screen Shot 2021 07 28 at 4.05.40 PMGender is different than sex, and a person's medical history does not determine their gender. If you do have to refer to someone's history, it is best to say that the person was assigned male or female at birth, but they are a woman or a man.

Gender refers to your identity, behavior, and societal expectations. Your gender identity is your own inner concept of yourself. Your gender expression is how you express your gender identity to the world. Common ways to express gender identity include hairstyles, clothing, mannerisms, and other behaviors. (WebMD)

Introducing the Genderbread Person

The graphic below, while helpful, is limited and the implication of the existence of these categories as binary states is not necessarily an accurate representation of a real person. Each domain can be fluid, malleable, non-linear, and non-binary for some individuals for various personal reasons, including biological sex. The definitions provided do not serve as a one-size-fits-all concept; they are simplified to help with visualizing and fleshing out the intricate and complex components regarding human identity, expression, and sexuality. (Geneseo)

1200 Genderbread Person