Get to know one of our sponsors! Read on for a quick Q&A with Micron.


• How does Micron celebrate the holidays?

At Micron, our culture of giving and volunteerism is an important part of who we are. Micron team members demonstrate their generosity year-round, supporting the communities where they live and work through giving, volunteerism, and local grants. But the year-end holidays really bring out Micron’s giving spirit. Every year, team members step it up, with employees across the globe planning fundraisers and volunteering for local causes in their communities.

• How long has Micron participated in the Holiday Wish Drive?

Micron’s San Jose site has participated in the Holiday Wish Drive for the past several years.
In 2019 at Micron’s last in-person Holiday Wish Drive, team members challenged one another to a friendly competition. They met up at a local store to fulfill as many wishes as possible. Team members left with carts overflowing and everyone had lots of fun while doing so much good. [see photo attached]
With many of Micron’s team members continuing to work remotely, this year Micron is supporting the Holiday Wish Drive through the Virtual Giving Tree. While it’s not quite the same as loading up shopping carts with gifts and toys, employees continue giving generously.

• What does Micron hope to accomplish through its partnership with FGT?

Micron is a global company with offices around the world, including San Jose. Through our local partnership with Family Giving Tree, Micron is proud to invest in building stronger Bay Area communities, particularly for families and children most in need. Through grant funding and team member volunteering and giving, Micron’s hopes to further our philanthropic mission to deliver opportunity “for all” with Family Giving Tree.


• What are Micron’s broader philanthropic goals?

Micron delivers opportunity "for all" through our unwavering investment in people and communities, particularly where Micron has a presence. Micron’s philanthropic goals are focused on the following pillars:

· Inspire Learning: STEM Education
· Enrich Communities: Basic Human Needs
· Cultivate Giving: Volunteerism and Matching Gifts
· Social Justice and Equitable Opportunity

We direct our grants, programs, and volunteers to promote human potential through STEM education, basic human needs, and equitable opportunities to thrive and succeed.

• What defines holiday joy for you?

The holidays are a reminder of the importance of giving back. At Micron, the holidays are a time of thanks and a moment to reflect on how we as a company can share our good fortune with others. We know that many families in the Bay Area are struggling this year and our partnership with Family Giving Tree helps to uplift children and families in need.

• What was your best holiday gift memory?

My best memory isn’t related to a specific gift, but to a special celebration with family. My parents are originally from Colombia. While we visited Colombia often, I had never been there during the holidays. When I finally had an opportunity to experience it, it did not disappoint. From seeing entire neighborhoods lit up with candles, to lighting fireworks and watching the sky fill with colorful paper lanterns on Christmas Eve, to spending the holidays for the first time with my extended family. I’ll never forget it.

• What’s your wish for the community in 2021?

We’ve come together in a challenging year and shown care, commitment, and consideration to one another and our communities. Our wish is that as a community we continue demonstrating that same level of care and generosity into 2022 and beyond.