Learn more about Star One's philanthropic goals. Check out a short Q&A with did with their team.

How does Star One celebrate the holidays?

Star One celebrates the holidays by working with our Community partners and supporting those in need.

How long has Star One participated in the HWD?

Star One has “sponsored” the Family Giving Tree Holiday Wish Drive since 2009.

What does Star One hope to accomplish through its partnership with FGT?

The employees, Board, and Volunteers of Star One recognize the importance of contributing to the communities we serve and being a strong corporate citizen.

What are Star One's broader philanthropic goals?

The Star One family of staff, friends, volunteers, and members are involved in many different events that support organizations throughout the Bay Area. From local walking events that raise money to support walking trails and health-related events, to the unhoused and underprivileged families, the Star One team remains committed to helping others.

What’s your wish for the community in 2021?

We wish everyone a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season! Although the pandemic has been challenging for everyone, we have seen communities band together to overcome some amazing obstacles. Our wish is that this momentum continues through perpetuity.