“Lending a Hand Wherever We Can…” is the motto for the Lend a Hand Foundation, an East Bay-based non-profit organization that we have worked with during the holidays since 2013. 

 Agency Spotlight Black History Month

At Family Giving Tree, we will spend Black History Month spotlighting some amazing Black/African American-led organizations that we work with throughout the year. We hope you enjoy getting to know a few of our partner agencies better and celebrating their leadership along with us!

Led by the tireless and determined Dee Johnson, this Black, woman-led organization has been supporting the East Bay community for 25 years, providing educational tools, food, clothing, and essentials to families who need it most.

Agency Spotlight Lend a Hand

Lend a Hand's projects include providing school supply kits to students who are in under-resourced areas of the East Bay, an annual Joy of Giving event where families come together at a holiday event to enjoy and receive meals, clothing, coats, toys, school supplies, and more. They have also been running a Family Essentials Program to provide food, toiletries, warm clothing items, school supplies, and more. In addition to these wonderful offerings, they run a scholarship program to provide support for entering higher education to high school seniors who are applying to an accredited college, university, or vocational program. 

Meet the woman who made it all happen - Dee Johnson



This year will mark our tenth year working together and we look forward to continuing to love each other and “lend a hand wherever we can.”

Visit www.lendahandfoundation.org/ to learn more about their mission!