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Agency Spotlight: A Brighter Day Youth

In celebration of women everywhere during International Women's Day, we’re focusing on empowering girls through STEM education.

Agency Spotlight: A Brighter Day Youth

It's Volunteer Appreciation Week! How much do we adore our volunteers? 🌼 Let us count the ways...🌼 

Focus on Lifting Up Teens' Self-Esteem During May

May is National Teen Self-Esteem Month, a monthlong initiative founded by the organization I Am Worth More,  designed to focus our attention on the importance of teens having a healthy outlook on themselves.

Agency Spotlight: A Brighter Day Youth

Representation matters in the stories we share! Celebrate Women's Month with us as we share the accomplishments of four remarkable Black women in STEM.

National Dentists Day: Spotlight on Preventative Oral Healthcare

For National Dentist’s Day, we interview Dr. James Lin DMD, a local dentist in Los Gatos about the topic of preventative dental care, and the implications for children living in poverty.

Agency Spotlight: A Brighter Day Youth

See how Youth Utilizing Power and Praise advocates for youth empowerment and self-esteem for Bay Area young people, through performing arts, fine arts, sports, mentorship, and entrepreneurship opportunities!