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Blog 5.17


May 17, 2019

Marketing for Non-Profits

Adaptability and creativity are the name of the game for FGT's Marketing Director, whose career has taken her from independant studios to large corperations and finally to our non-profit. 

May 24, 2019

Fostering Kittens

Our fav-fur-ite offive mates have found new, loving homes! But we'll always have these adorable pictures to remember them by. 


Backpack Truck small


Operation Joy and Learning

May 10, 2019

Running operations to plan for, and process, 40,000 backpacks and 80,000 gifts each year, is no small feat. FGT's Operations Manager may be small of stature but she's hugely capable running the show. 

5.03 Build image


Corporate Engagement

May 3, 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is changing the way companies support the good causes they believe in while allowing them to offer volunteer opportunities that align with what their employees are passionate about.


kid with crayons


April 26, 2019

Why the Arts?

STEAM is vital to all students. However, many schools are removing the essential "A" from a basic education due to budget cuts. 


Volunteer family


April 19, 2019

Volunteers Affect Change

Volunteering does more than help provide for those who need our assistance. It influences the lives of those who take it on and pass on the tradition.